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The Standard Features of the Model 30B-PS


The Model 30B Power Shift Winch is a single drum unit which mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor. It is driven by engine power through the tractor power take-off. Every Model 30B comes standard with: 


  • Hydraulically Actuated Haul-In (Reel-In) Clutch
  • Drag Adjustable Freespool
  • Spring Applied Hydraulically Released Oil Brake
  • Internal Hydraulics
  • Single Lever Control

Optional Features of the Model 30B-PS

Optional features increase the winches ability to meet specific application requirements. Optional available for the 30B include:

  • Hydraulically Actuated Pay-Out (Reel-Out) Clutch
  • Slow Speed Gearing
  • Three or Four Roller Fairlead
  • Towing Hitch


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The Carco Model H40

The H40 hydraulically driven winch is a triple reduction planetary winch drive system enclosed in a large welded housing which mounts on the rear of a crawler tractor. The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor which depends upon the tractor hydraulic system for power. The delivery of the oil supply to the winch motor varies with specific tractor design.

The H40 is designed to set the standard for precise load control in applications like pipeline construction, phosphate mining, power line sagging and heavy construction.

Features of the Model H40

  • Sprag-type, over-running brake clutch ensuring no "fall-back" when the winching operation is stopped
  • Spring applied hydraulically released multi-disc static brake holds the load when no power is applied to the winch and also remains applied during haul-in
  • Equal Speed Gearing with power-in and power-out


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