Braden autorized distributor

CH280A Series Planetary Winch


The CH280 features incresed line pull, torque capacity and imput speed capacity.

Additionaly, the planetary gearing design was optimized increasing service life by as much as twenty percent.



Standard Features of the Braden CH280A Planetary Hoist


The CH280A Series planetary winch is a high performance product designed to provide many years of service. Some standard features of the CH280A include:


  • Multi-disc Brake - Spring applied and hydraulically released

  • Anti-friction bearings for maximum efficiency

  • Multi-stage planetary reduction

Optional Features of the Braden CH280A Planetary Hoist


Optional features increase the winches ability to meet specific application requirements. Optionals available for the CH280A include:

  • Gear Ratios

  • Hydraulic Motors (Gear, Vain, Piston)

  • Drum Sizes

  • Mounting Configurations

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